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*Tuition is due the first lesson of the month. Vouchers and checks can be made out to Crocker House.

**We currently accept vouchers from Visions, Clarksville and Cottonwood.

***Tuition is the same every month, despite the number of classes.

We love teaching kids the visual and performing arts:

music, theatre, instruments, puppetry, crafts, choirs and more!

Crocker House Spring 2024

                     Private Studio Lessons                   
Voice ~ Guitar ~ Ukulele ~ Piano ~ Violin

$100 Monthly Tuition 
All Ages
Half hour session once a week
Call 530-622-7879 to get on the waiting list.

        Beginning Choir          
Begins March 6th
Ages 5-8
Wednesday Afternoons 2:30-3:30
$100 Monthly Tuition

Beginning Drama Club
Begins February 7th
Ages 7-12
Wednesday Afternoons 4:00-6:00
$100 Monthly Tuition

This Semester's focus is improvisation.

In this class we will be learning the basics of theater; character development, stage presence, costume and set design. Some group singing. 

      Intermediate Drama Club        
Begins February 7th
Ages 11-15
Wednesday Evenings 6:00-8:00pm
$100 Monthly Tuition
Stage presence, monologues, improv, acting techniques​

No Experience necessary.